Not sure why you waste time on childish comments like that.
Louis Weeks

Well you’re back after your account was suspended so I suppose you bowed down to medium.

You don’t come across like any Conservative, more like an authoritarian, but someone who likes authority, not someone who actually has it, or could be trusted with it. You would hurt people, and you would like it, and what’s worse, you would think you were right.

You are wrong about potential of harm, vis a vis DeShaney vs. Winnebago County, and more recently Castle Rock vs Gonzales.

You are miserably wrong when you say that nobody has a right to a trial by jury. The 6th amendment guarantees the right to trial by jury in criminal cases, and the 7th amendment guarantees the right to trial by jury in suits common law where the value of the controversy exceeds 20 dollars.

Summary Judgement is allowable when there’s no conflict of testimony. There was conflict here. In particular, the judiciary should probably never be allowed summary judgement in cases of law enforcement shootings.

My objection to your tone is far less a matter of sensitivity and more a matter of laying out my boundaries so that we can keep it civilized, which is very important to me as far as medium goes.

If you don’t have the education or character to keep it civilized, then I like to know ahead of time, so I don’t waste time.

And I rarely block. That’s the coward’s way out. I do tell people when they are going too far though. How they respond, especially when they have been rude, speaks volumes.

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