Your College Degree is Worthless
Isaac Morehouse

When Reagan got shot, on the way into surgery, he joked with the Doctors that he hoped they were all Republicans. In your dystopian free market future, he would say ‘I hope you’re all Doctors.’

You can be your own credential? Engineers? Scientists? Doctors? Teachers? Obviously not. The list goes on.

Higher-Education is like a tree. In this case some of the branches are dead and in need of trimming. You are telling us the whole tree is dead, and we need to buy your home grown bush instead.

Yes, I know you have an angle. I know you are trying to sell your product. But your need to sell makes you as trustworthy as the current system. You are saying “College is dead.” Is it? For everyone? It doesn’t seem that way. That doesn’t match your sales pitch.

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