Our Enthusiasm for Punching Fascists Could Make the Right Even Meaner
Ajai Raj

You are hitting your stride. Fight. But fight smart, fight for something sound. Why is that so hard?

What I really want to know of the punching or rioting or no platforming that just generates more news for the subject — who thinks it works? Who really thinks they are winning after something like that?

And how is it possible to not see the damage that backlash can bring to the very people that really do need help?

Maybe it’s the result of putting hurt, traumatised people in the driver’s seat, without giving them an opportunity to heal up first? There’s nothing ableist about saying, if you have had it bad, you need to heal up first before you go off parading.

I recently saw this article from Keri Smith and in the comments someone coined the regressive left counterpart to the Alt-right, as the Ctrl-Left.

It works. Just like this article.

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