I Am One of Those White People
Katie Hyson

You want justice today, you walk the walk, that’s awesome. Preach.

Keep a couple of things in mind while you’re preaching. The Election hit you hard. You seem to be eager to blame yourself. No one actually wants that. The popular vote doesn’t mean anything towards who won. It also doesn’t mean a whole lot considering that half the country didn’t vote. Trump had 24% of the voters. Hillary had 26%. If you are going to look at the results and judge the nation, based on using the Presidential election like a survey, then add the details. And when you do that you’ll realise that we don’t have the details.

But we do for the Obama administration. He did far better than Hillary did. That could be sexism. It could also be politics. It’s not like the whole country voted for Trump, and the Black working class and Hispanic working class voters also stayed home and didn’t come out for the Democrats.

I hate to be critical at when you are on here trying your best, but I know those white people you are talking about. Some of them exist. There are clueless well meaning people everywhere. Are you clueless? I doubt it. I know far worse on any side of the color line you want to pick. I don’t care about woke, what matters is decency, are you decent? You seem decent.

Jennifer Porter should have gone to prison though. There was no excuse for that. She should have gotten 15 years for leaving those 4 kids on the road like that. 2 years of house arrest and three years of probation, which she requested be shortened in 2009, because she was tired of being sad (SMH, oh yes she did) is not an indication that their lives mattered to the sentencing judge at all. That’s not right. At least the prosecution turned her down.

And you need to open your own eyes and lead yourself. Sleepy, closed, what have you. None of us need to drag anyone into the light. People should walk there on their own. And not as a penitent. No one needs penitents when allies are required.

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