“White supremacy seems far more like a tired buzzword at this point than a new currency.”
Benji Lampel

You’ll probably have to. While that is a direct quote and it is my opinion, opinion isn’t limited to personal experience. I didn’t say it was, especially here and you haven’t shown that I did. You may have jumped the gun a bit.

Your examples do not show that white supremacy is the new currency either.

There are crazy people who are coming out of the woodwork and acting crazy and hateful. They were there before, they are a fringe minority and they aren’t actually winning. I have no problem with reinvigorating American industry. It does not bother me that if it happened, working class and poor people will benefit. Why would it bother you?

There is nothing new about black disadvantages. You’re not differentiating between others having actual tangible privilege and lacking disadvantage. You haven’t considered or mentioned that the level of black disadvantage has remained static or worsened. While pure racial advantage has inarguably lessened over time.

You could remove advantages or lack of disadvantage from poor and working class whites or add disadvantage to them, and…sadly nothing. Increasing white disadvantages won’t actually help black America. Perceived resource scarcity and accelerated levels of social change increase in-group / out-group tension.

I often look at the rhetoric of responses like yours and I wonder how you can deal with these contradictions?

If your positions won’t hold water with someone who wants a just and fair country (hint: me) then the long knives of those who really do not, will cut you up.

Let me ask you this, have you since the election pointed put to anyone that Hilary Clinton won the popular vote? If so, did you believe it was a legitimate point or were you being rhetorical?

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