How Long Have You Been Fighting the Chronic Pain System?
Jennifer Kain Kilgore

My heart goes out to you. I feel your pain but thankfully for me I live in Australia where we haven’t gone backwards with respect to pain management like you have.

How can a country be open enough to accept that medical marijuana can be a valuable treatment, yet that poor suffering souls with chronic pain must fight tooth and nail for opiate based treatment.

It is truly frightening. I would not be able to hold down a job and support my family without sustain-release opiates like Targin.

Like you it has been many years of trialling many treatments, and I still do as over time my nerve pain decides to crank it up a notch and really dig that thorn in ones side.

What will it take for this to change over there? How many suicides and how much pain and undue suffering will be caused.

It seems prisoners of war have more rights under the Geneva Convention, than do Prisoners of Pain.