Pain relief causes pain.

It’s a pretty scary concept, that which treats us makes us worse.

A study into morphine treatment for chronic nerve pain in rats found that the rats treated with morphine took 12 weeks to return to base level pain sensitivity. The control group took 6 weeks.

Kelly Servick from writes that “ An opioid sets off a chain of immune signals in the spinal cord that amplifies pain rather than dulling it, even after the drug leaves the body, the researchers found”

I had a motorbike accident 26 years ago that paralysed my dominant arm. I have suffered chronic and phantom pain ever since.

I treat my suffering with a mad cocktail of medication & mental strategies, but do reply heavily on a medication called Targin, that offers me sustained pain relief 24 hours a day. I would be unable to work in my office job without them.

Targin’s active ingredient is Oxycodone, an opioid pain killer similar to the morphine used in the study. My type of pain caused by the damage to nerves in the spinal cord is caused neuropathic pain. This is a nasty little beast to treat as it does not respond to everyday pain killers such as paracetamol ( acetaminophen)

Prolonged pain and suffering.

The study makes this gruesome statement

This study predicts that prolonged pain is an unrealized and clinically concerning consequence of the abundant use of opioids in chronic pain.

I have only increased my dose once since first using Targin in 2013. I know the side-effects will make such a significant impact I could not increase again and keep my current role at work, without having huge memory issues and brain fog.

Reading this study today was frightening. Ironically, I was doing study for a Memoir I am writing about my 26 year history of pain and disability.

It reinforces that natural techniques such as meditation offer so much more benefit than medication treatment, but for my experience I know I need both. I have 10+ years of experimentation with medications and natural therapies that for me prove it will be an ongoing quest to remain healthy.

Having recently completed a Macquarie University online chronic pain course I realised just how sad it is that so many of those poor people that suffer like me, are not aware of the massive importance of being on top of the ‘mental game’

If you know someone that may benefit from learning more about my story please send them to my blog to learn a little more.

Be well.