The Community Edition

Cover and first page of the book

I just finished Jason Calacanis’ new book: Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups. It’s a quick read, fun and informative. The primary audience is those interested in becoming an angel investor, but I also recommend it to entrepreneurs looking to raise money from angels. The book gives an insider’s view of what angels (should) go through when considering, evaluating, and managing their startup investments. In Chapter 26, Jason mentions the relevance of the book to entrepreneurs:

“If you’re a savvy founder who bought this book to understand how angel investors think, I salute you clever, sneaky, little bastards. You’re one step ahead of the class, and you’ve stolen the next test from the teacher’s office — congratulations!”

As a fun little experiment, I bought several copies of the book and plan to hand them out to startup CEOs that are raising their seed rounds. I gave my first copy to Alex Krawchick of There is a catch. After the person has read the book, he/she must pass it on to another entrepreneur (or angel). I created a little note on the inside cover — kind of like a guest book sign-in — to keep track of who read it over time. It will be interesting to see how the book traverses the entrepreneurial community over the next couple years.

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