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A note to those hating cluckers out there, talking your shit about “Even Year Magic” being exposed as bullshit finally: Magic & Bullshit are both exactly the same thing; they both describe and seek to identify that which is not readily explainable. How you choose to look at those moments — and where you’re standing when you do — ultimately determines how we diagnose between one or the other.

From your perspective, you watched a perpetual underdog win 3 championships in 5 years — years that happened to end in even numbers, to be more precise. You couldn’t explain this, so you called it bullshit.

And we saw the same thing, and we couldn’t explain it either, so we called it magic.

You watched A team accomplish this, so it was bullshit for you.

We watched OUR TEAM do this, so it was magic for us.

We watched our team win 3 championships in 5 years, and got to experience palpable, beautiful, glorious, blissful, and a-lifetime’s-worth-of-memories-giving magic every step of the way.

You finally got to call bullshit on this one night two years later, after spending those same years being all booboo butthurt about the incredible joy and success of a team that wasn’t yours to root for.

Just something for you to keep in mind there, cupcakes.