Erm, why can’t we have both?
Ryan Kirk

HE… did not bring you five rings. HE… was a secondary, and maybe even tertiary (behind Phil too) part of a team that brought you three rings. His record, as an alpha, is two rings, and even those were made possible because the Grizzlies gift-wrapped Pau at the same time Phil returned. Kobe’s titles are situational as HELL. No Shaq, no papermache legacy. Period.

(P.S. Your response was the perfect representation of my “They’ll be diplomatic in tone; they’ll be strategic with word choices; they’ll OLE the issue with the nimbleness of a champion bullfighter” point. Those two years WERE BRUTAL, because Kobe MADE THEM BRUTAL, because Kobe, like any decent teammate, always makes EVERYTHING about HIM FIRST, and THE TEAM SECOND. Quite a legacy indeed.)

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