Just pointed out that you’re wrong about the cap room, never said anything about beating the…
Han Gwak

Not at all. And I know they have more room on the cap. The question is, do they have ENOUGH room to get enough additional talent to be a serious contender now, and I don’t think they do. And if that’s not the case, why go all in?

The Warriors haven’t even peaked yet, but Paul has. Why would you invest THAT MUCH money in a year with a shrinking cap for a guy who’s only going to get worse in the next few years? Unless Paul becomes EXTREMELY charitable with a contract extension for no reason whatsoever, more than half of their cap will be spent on two players who aren’t anywhere near enough of a core to take a real run at the big boy on the block. Unless his sleeve has something up its sleeve, I would expect Morey to know that.

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