I think that we have 14 years worth of documented evidence that, if CP3 becomes the “alpha” (such…
MC Gusto

That’s fine. If they draw the Warriors in Round 2, it’ll be 15 years. (Hell, maybe the Warriors aren’t even necessary for that to happen; I’m not particularly sold on Paul having some huge, dramatic impact either.)

But don’t kid yourself. As long as there are team sports, the alpha will be a highly valuable component. Not in every case, of course, but most definitely in enough of them. Underneath everything else, teams require pecking orders to function properly, and you can’t have a true pecking order without someone at the top of the food chain. It just doesn’t work.

And if you think the advent of analytics or the move to the pace & space era has effectively phased that entrenched part of human evolution out of us within a few years, you are sorely mistaken.

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