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The whole “he’s doing well because he knows he should do nothing” approach has elicited and is surely going to keep on eliciting it’s share of chuckles, and inescapably will sound to most everyone like a back-handed compliment at best, but it actually is a legit skill, and a rare one at that. And this is especially true of a coach who has a history of very public struggles that have been routinely derided by just about everyone.

Mike Brown could have EASILY taken the approach that it’s “his time to shine” or that “this is his shot at vindication” or that “now I’ll show ‘em.” But he didn’t. He hasn’t. And all signs point to him never doing so.

That kind of ego suppression and personal-narrative-bypass is not common or easy for anyone. Least of all someone in the public eye. The dude sincerely deserves credit for this.

People screw good shit up by making it about them and refusing to see beyond their own narrative and priorities ALL THE TIME, in every walk of life, everywhere. So any time someone successfully resists that urge, I most definitely will tip my cap to them without any shred of irony whatsoever.

Nice job, coach.