There’s a lot of truth to this, at the same time, since the division is currently largely race…
Daniel Mallon

Daniel Mallon I believe this undeniable correlation is because Racism is generally a side effect of class struggle. And worse than that, the issue of Racism itself is misdirection, and has been from it’s horrible inception.

It is very easy to brand every instance of classism and cultural friction we see play out on the news as “Racism” — but this is actually a clever way to avoid the real problem, retreating into self justification and defensiveness, or taking sides that should not exist.

If the sky fell tomorrow and they dug up our bones in 1,000 years, they literally would not be able to tell what “Race” any of us were, because the concept itself is unscientific and invented as a stupid excuse for some evil homo sapiens to subjugate other homo sapiens. The concept of taking pride in your own race also seems silly to me in this context. Defining ourselves or others as “Black” or “White” should not be more significant than “Blonde” or “Brunette”

I personally believe that in 2017, Classism — as a root cause of division and inequality — is more immediate, more damaging, more tangible and therefore more actionable. Yet we generally ignore the topic in this country, and blame our divisions on fringe groups waving nazi flags, instead of looking in the mirror.

“I would never judge someone by their race!” We tell ourselves. Well, duh. But we would judge them by the clothes they are wearing or the car they are driving or their level of education. We do that every day, and feel good about ourselves when we do. It’s so deeply ingrained we don’t realize how sick we are.

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