Why it’s a Myth That Fascism’s About Demographic Change and Cultural Anxiety
umair haque

I think the problem becomes pretty simple when you examine some of the definitions.

Neoliberals (Left Collectivists) and Alt-Righters (Right Collectivists) both seek to weaponize identity politics to gain political ground— and therefore use a lot of the same arguments to justify their zero-sum belief systems. These systems of thought exist not to oppose each other, but ultimately to oppose Individualism.

It is my hope that Liberals can distance themselves from the shrill Collectivist fringe and reclaim their good name as champions of the sovereign Individual in a world full of Collectives.

Individual thought, speech, and prosperity are the pillars of our doubtless flawed — but wildly successful — civilization. We would do well not to forget this in the midst of pushing line-item agendas.