Create a Timer in Storyline

For whatever reason, you want a custom timer in Storyline, right? Watch the video below to see how to create several different pieces of a timer, or read on to simply create a full minutes & seconds timer.

Go to your Slide Master and select a master to put the timer on.

Storyline 2 menu > VIEW > Slide Master

Create two variables, both numbers. Call them ‘seconds’ and ‘minutes’.

Variables window with two Number variables, 'minutes' and 'seconds'.

Create a text box with the text %minutes%:%seconds%.

Add a new state called 0–9, and add a 0 so the text is %minutes%:0%seconds% and make it the initial state.

Add two new layers. I like to call them Timer 1 and Timer 2.

Create a Trigger on the base layer to show layer Timer 1 when timeline starts.

On Timer 1, make the Timeline 0.5 seconds long. Add a Slide Trigger to show layer Timer 2 when timeline ends.

On Timer 2, make the timeline 0.5 seconds long, and add the following triggers:

Add 1.00 to seconds
 When the timeline ends

Add 1.00 to minutes
 When the timeline ends
 If seconds is equal to 60.00

Set seconds equal to 0.00
 When the timeline ends
 If seconds is equal to 60.00

Show layer Timer 1
 When the timeline ends

Change state of Text Box 1
 to 0–9
 When seconds changes
 If seconds is less than or equal to 9.00

Change state of Text Box 1
 to Normal
 When seconds changes
 If seconds is greater than or equal to 10.00

Go back to slide view, create or find a slide with the timer master and preview it to see your beautiful new timer!

Note: the font you choose for your timer must be a common font, otherwise your user will end up seeing their own generic default.

Originally published at RCLX.

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