Uber and Seamless ads reveal how Silicon Valley is screwing us
Matt Ruby

It’s like technology creates more money by creating efficiencies, which sounds good at first, more money is good. But then people with more money have more to spend on a house, so housing goes up. Now for me to afford a house, I need a side hustle. But that side hustle takes up time, so I need other people to take care of my familial tasks. Enter technology once again.

Or I could move further into the suburbs, which means a longer commute, which means less time, which means more technology to handle the things I have no time for.

We justify it by saying things like, “If it takes me an hour to cook, and I’m making $40 an hour at work, why don’t I just work an extra hour and spend $20 for someone else to handle the shopping and cooking?” Because sanity, that’s why.