How To; Splendour in the Grass. A comprehensive guide by Whatslively.

Splendour in the Grass 2017 is vastly approaching us this week and we’d hate to send you (and ourselves) away unprepared to make it out alive. Whether it be your playlist, things you can’t forget for camping or where you’re going to stash your vodka, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Pre Festival Preparation ft. San Cisco

OK so this is better with some background noise. Something up beat and silky to get you in the grove. Grab Water, San Cisco’s latest album and sling it on (they’re on at Glen McLennan tent 8:30 Friday FYI). Lets get ready for SITG 2017. Now, you can’t be over prepared. You just can’t. Mother nature can through a spanner in the works and bend us all over here with a bit of rain. It’s supposed to be sunny but anything can happen. You want to be ready. Don’t be that one who packs lightheartedly because they “don’t care” or it’s “too much effort”. Everything you think you need, you do and some.

2. What to bring ft. LCD Soundsystem

Tables? Chairs? Tent? Positive Attitude? Fedora? You need it all. You don’t want to be the one at the back end of the campsite with some bread thawing in the sun on a pop up table because you didn’t bring anything else. Splendour will be ruined quicker than you can say “Daft Punk is playing at my tent” (this should be on repeat by the way) if you don’t snap those legs into gear. Pack those festival outfits, Don’t forget torches, drinking water, gumboots & waterproof gear. Were in for a cold snap, so pack light but pack well. Oh and line the car with Vodka (and don’t tell anyone we told you to do it).

3. The Road Trip ft. Two Door Cinema Club

The mood setter. You’re probably already on cloud nine because those of your squad that didn't get tickets are working the grind and you’re 3 beers, wines or whatever your poison down en-route to Byron. Get a funky playlist of all the acts you wanna see. Maybe some Two Door Cinema Club to rewind the mems and pick up the beat. Ahh. Days.

4. At the Festival ft. Peking Duk

Now remember. The festival ‘helpers’ are your best and worst enemy on day 1. They're going to get you set up, but they want you to do it as quickly as possible and in little to no space. So, make sure your groups there because you can’t save spots for the ones lagging behind. Maybe sneak in another tent and blame it on the couple of the group for some extra room. Blast some Peking Duk on the Milwaukee so your neighbours for the week know what you’re about. Because you’re closing in on getting ready to be ready.

Once set up. You are now Splendouring in full flow. Enjoy it, roll around. Laugh. Sneak that vodka in. Hoorah.

5. The Comedown ft. Kingswood

We feel so alone already. Your Instagram reel is, unreal. You feel like a two piece feed from KFC and home just doesn’t quite cut it. The drive back was hell on wheels. Not much can save you but reliving memories for 365 days until you do it all again. That band at the Amphitheatre Friday morning, Kingswood, they were great. Put some of them on. Sooth that terrible, terrible, pain. Have fun at work tomorrow.