Kingswood’s new album keeps you up after hours

After Hours, Close to Dawn Released by Kingswood in 2017

There’s something about that place, isn't there? You know, where Coffee is a religion and Doc Martins run supreme. Riding the tram is more reasonable than fueling up & your Instagram feed actually features more relatable check in’s than photos. Putting that aside, and a general dislike for the attitude of a Melbourne hipster, you just can’t help but find yourself falling into the bottomless pit of musical talent that erupts from, down there.

And this time, they’re called Kingswood. Featuring Fergus Linacre, Alex Laska, Justin Debrincat & Mango (Jeremy Hunter, who has left the band but features in earlier work); they were described by the J’s as:

“A smoky bait-and-switch group that draws you in with moody guitar and vocalist Fergus Linacre’s soulful growl before broadsiding you with dirty, leather-scuffing riffage”,

And boy is it just that at the least. Their upload towards the end of last year of hit single ‘Creepin’ caught like wildfire. Racy lyrics combined with a catchy melody struck a chord with the public and it was almost considered Triple J theme music & placed high in the hottest 100 after such a late release.

Kingswood have a wonderful vibe that can do many things to you. As noted, when you’re happy it's the beat/tune you’re listening too, and when emotional the lyrics burn louder than ever. Therefore, when you get group of individuals so talented as these Australians, you find yourself noticing all aspects of their creations at all time.

Kingswood are currently getting into a nationwide tour. They’re locked in to strum their magic at Splendour in the Grass whilst in the meantime the are touring all in between, including two shows in Brisbane this weekend.

Two songs we’d like to bring attention too, that really attain the band as a forefront in the musical industry are Library Books (linked is the acoustic version) & Golden. Both silky smooth like the Coffee of Melbourne, with attitude and meaningful lyrics to match the beat.

As After Hours, Close to Dawn, their latest release studio album debuted as No. #10 on the Aria Album Charts putting Kingswood to the front, We salute you boys, 2017 could be yours.