Finding Your Sorority Home

Going through recruitment can be an exhausting ordeal. Some girls will not make it through to Bid Day, but others find that even though they are exhausted they love every minute. Each year at NAU over 630 girls make the decision to go through sorority recruitment and after four days of talking to complete strangers, they find their home. Ashley Beghtol, 18, says that even though it was a last minute decision to go through this process she realized “all [she] had to do was get to know a lot of cool girls.”

The first night was all about getting to know the seven different chapters on campus: Chi Omega, Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Delta Pi, Gamma Phi Beta, Delta Delta Delta, and Alpha Phi. On the second night, recruits learned all about the philanthropy events each sorority hosted. As Kelsey Woodhouse, 18, learned “sororities also love to give back to the community and that was amazing to learn about because [she] didn’t know how much they give back until going through [recruitment].”

Opening up the eyes of so many young women as to what actually goes on within sororities is just an added benefit to the stress of recruitment. While active members are running around getting ready for the next party and memorizing names of the recruits they need to talk to, the recruits are mentally figuring out where they will be happiest. For Sage Bates, 18, she knew that Alpha Omicron Pi was a place she could call home. “After the first night and being dropped by three sororities, I was ultimately torn between Alpha Omicron Pi and Chi Omega, but I knew deep down that AOII was the place for me.”

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