This article attempts to take a look at 6DOF input and how it will revolutionize input for many mediums.

Current Landscape

6DOF input has had major improvements in the past 2 years. The HTC Vive was the first consumer product to launch that provides users with a controller that can be tracked in space with very high reliability and accuracy (submillimeter!).

Wait a second… What’s 6DOF?

“6DOF” refers to “6 Degrees of Freedom”. The 6 degrees are 1) x-axis translation 2) y-axis translation 3) z-axis translation 4) pitch rotation 5) yaw rotation 6) roll rotation. …

I’ve been made a promise that putting in hard work everyday will lead to success. This promise has been made to me by multiple people that I never met, but that I admire and only hope to achieve a similar level of success. I’ve jumped off the cliff with a leap of faith that my idols weren’t lying to me. This is why I now make one sketch everyday. Today marks the 365th day of my #everyday pursuit. This article describes my process and gives guidance to anyone who wants to level up their creative work.


An #everyday is…

Investigating the human to computer relationship through reverse engineering the Turing test


Humans are getting closer to creating a computer with the ability to feel and think. Although the processes of the human brain are at large unknown, computer scientists have been working to simulate the human capacity to feel and understand emotions. This paper explores what it means to live in an age where computers can have emotional depth and what this means for the future of human to computer interactions. In an experiment between a human and a human disguised as a computer, the Turing test is reverse…

Robbie Tilton

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