In researching Afinn sentiment analysis, I came across a post on Stack Overflow with this simple request:

I want to understand the afinn code

from afinn import Afinn
from nltk.corpus import gutenberg
import textwrap
afinn = Afinn()
sentences = (" ".join(wordlist) for wordlist in gutenberg.sents('austen-sense.txt'))
scored_sentences = ((afinn.score(sent), sent) for sent in sentences)
sorted_sentences = sorted(scored_sentences)

If these two pandas could append to a CSV, they’d be more useful than cute

I wasn’t able to find a simple solution for this, so here we go with this blog post. May as well make myself useful while my code is running, right?

I regularly need to find myself the same exact recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and I’m regularly annoyed by all…

Institutional Escape, from the Flatiron School “Dark Science” Game Jam

Making a game during at the Flatiron School’s “Dark Science”-themed game jam helped me better understand classes and Object Oriented Programming, but more importantly it helped me understand scope.

We used pygame to program the game with the most experienced of us watching and coding-along with about two hours of…

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