You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

SIGH… so much womansplaining….

And so much factually or morally wrong.

Maternity leave: When a person (Male or female) is on leave, the employer suffers. Are you sure you’re OK with forcing someone to pay for a year off? I mean, what happened to emancipation? You’re holding a gun to someone’s head and saying “You’d better give someone over a year’s worth of money or else we’re going to lock you in a cage for years. Oh, and that person isn’t going to work for you for that time.”

Is maternity leave a good idea as a benefit? Absolutely. Is it a good idea when backed by jack-booted thugs who have guns and aren’t afraid to use them? No thanks.

Singapore: Yes, an Island nation, racially homogeneous, with a total population less than that of a major metro area here… Great analogy! We have a problem due to all of the poor choices we’ve made over the years, including our draconian drug laws that are racist in nature, and disproportionally effect minorities. We’ve got a poverty cycle and a dependence cycle, engendered by liberal policies (That haven’t moved the poverty level one iota) that affect men more than women, by the way.

Your pay gap is flat out false, and doesn’t take things into account such as length of service and total hours worked. In fact, you didn’t even mis-quote the number right! The common number bandied about is that women make 77% of what men do. Please get your act together. The 23% gap is simply a total number of how much women in general make vs how much men do. It doesn’t take into account things like different job choices (Men work more in the highly profitable STEM fields, women tend to work more in the lowest paying fields… by choice. The top 10 fields dominated by men? 
Petroleum Engineer, Math & Computer Science, Pharmacist, Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgial Engineering, Mining Engineering.

Women Dominated? Counseling Phychology, Early Childhood Education, Theology and Religeous Vocations, Human Services & Community Organization, Social Work, Drama & Theater Arts, Studio Arts, Communication Disorder Services, Visual & Performing Arts, Health and Medical Prep Programs.

See a trend? Christina Hoff Summers wrote a very good article over at The Daily Beast (Which is by no means a liberal website) destroying this myth. By the time you pair women and men in the same job slots, the 23% shrinks down to under 5%. Not nearly the horrible “wage gap” that you’re tossing about.

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