I recently went on my first date in a long time yesterday and I was nervous the whole time. the next step for me was researching (read: google searching) articles on nervousness on dates. all the articles were talking about how to get rid of them, manipulate yourself, etc.

I realized I don’t necessarily hate nerves. as someone once told me and now I tell others,

“nervousness is a good sign because that means something matters.”

the journey or the destination matters. that’s a good thing.

so then I started looking at articles on embracing nervousness. because it’s part of me, too. and if I want someone to appreciate ALL of me, then I have to bring ALL of me. and if someone can’t love me for all of me, then I need to be ready to let them go. as my history professor once told our class:

“If you want to make love, you gotta take off all your clothes.”
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