Sex & Startups
Jennifer, Mara, Astrid & Aniyia

This is spot on, and I can relate. When I left the venture capital business 10 years ago it was with the very clear recognition in myself that to continue to fund companies for the sake of success as conventionally measured would simply be an exercise in ego gratification. Exits as ego therapy. The culture of entrepreneurship and venture capital that these writers critique is one that has already become increasingly marginalized relative to the leading-edge, as all earlier stages of consciousness and their societal forms do in a rapidly-integrating lifeworld.

When I spent some time with the impact investing movement I pointed out that the great german philosopher Jurgen Habermas described how the scarce resource of the agrarian era, order, gave way to the scarce resource of the industrial era, value, and that in turn gives way to the scarce resource of the information era, meaning. (The scarce resource of the bleeding-edge, barely emergent, is unity, but I don’t believe that will come online until later this century.)

That meaning is emerging as the leading-edge scarce resource was predicted, and in fact is an almost arithmetical requirement of the evolution of modernity into postmodernity. These differing orders of consciousness all have concomitant value systems, social structural artifacts, behavioral patterns, and meaning-making systems. But what is being pointed to and we’ve seen very clearly for the past many years is an increasing divergence in the levels of consciousness in entrepreneurs: many entrepreneurs and investors almost literally inhabit different worlds entirely than what has come before.

What I’ve found so compelling as I’ve talked to various well-meaning “conscious investors” is how they don’t see that by continuing to judge and act through a modern epistemology they have not only not transcended what they seek to but they perpetuate the very pattern they claim to want to disrupt. But to truly do so would require that they go through a vast inner transformation where they become more relaxed, luminous and free in the face of their prior sense of self, core fears, deepest shadow, animating needs, etc. I was coaching a very successful entrepreneur yesterday who described that the terror of this felt like death, and yet he had but no choice to go through it because the prior forms were so untenably out of alignment for him.

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