Prototype Apps With PowerPoint

Why would you do such a thing?!?!

There are all kinds of great tools out there for prototyping software, like Sketch,,, and Invision, just to name a few. So why would you want to use PowerPoint?

  • It has a ton of features that are dead-easy to use.
  • Chances are, it’s already on your computer.
  • You can turn any of the above into clickable links, allowing users to navigate through your presentation like a website or mobile app.
  • You can add all kinds of sweet transitions and animations with no sweat.

Let’s Get Down To Business

Step 1: Know your aspect ratio.

  • Upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Put it on a company shared drive
  • Add a download link on your website
  • Opening your prototype with other slideshow applications, such as Google Slides is likely to mutilate your app. These other tools are also great for making prototypes, but you want to stick with the same tool you used from the beginning.

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