Money and power, fame and fortune, megayachts and cocaine flings, “having it all”, “leaning in”, all that tedious, soulless bullshit? So perhaps the Trump years are here to remind us: none of those are what America was genuinely about.
Three Things America Lost Today
umair haque

This is one of the most inciteful observations of this election out there. For decades, possibly centuries, we have attributed America’s success or failure to government. In reality, it has been the people, always the people, who have defined our country. We own more of our country than our government, we’ve invented more than our government, and according to the National Philanthropic Trust, we give approximately more to charity than government welfare. The internet sucked until it was privatized in 1995. Even the Saturn V rockets (epitome of government expenditure) that carried our men to the moon were built by private contractors, not politicians. In 2008, Conservatives lost faith that our government would represent their interests, now the rest of the country has lost that same faith. It’s time we recognize who America really is…it’s each other. The people we demean and fight with, all because of our trumped up politics (pun possibly intended). In reality, we all hate our wayward government, it’s time we find other sources of PROSPERITY, POWER, and MORAL DIRECTION. Time for we the people to speak up and tell the world “this isn’t who we are”. Time for us to find out who we really are. I’m going to stop ranting now and go to work, so that my friends and family can have a better life. That’s what America is all about. Fortunately, this is something we can all work on. In the end, your article has given me hope. Hope for bipartisan understanding, and a clear way forward for our country (people, not the politics). Thank you.

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