Public Service Announcement:

Please Do This When You Schedule Your Next Conference Call

Remember when everybody had crackberry’s? They were so cool, even the guys on Entourage had them. They went from a 40% market share in 2009 to less than 2% in 2014. Now everybody uses iPhones for managing work emails and calendars.

I’m sure HBS has published an important business case study on this, but the biggest real world implication is that I now use an iPhone for managing conference calls and it’s a huge pain in the neck.

It was easier on blackberry. Now, conference call attendees across the country are fumbling around writing dial-in codes on scrap pieces of paper or jumping back and forth between screens. It’s annoying.

The next time you send a calendar invite / planner for a conference call, PLEASE PLEASE use this format in the location box:

When you do this, a magical little “Dial 1234…” button shows up on your phone and all your attendees can easily dial-in from their iPhone calendar with just a couple taps.

Thank you.