Christians disagree with the religious right on refusing to serve LGBTQ people
Annabel Thompson

  1. Thank goodness constitutional rights aren’t affected by opinion polls.
  2. We need a lot of context with this one. A blanket question of “do you support the right for businesses to refuse products or services” doesn’t allow for a “yes” if the respondent (like me) only thinks it should be allowed in the context of, say, wedding services and not when running a hair salon. It’s purposely done that way to make religious freedom support appear to be eroded. If you were to tighten the question to deal with only participation in marriage ceremonies, the “yes” rate would be drastically higher among conservatives and religious groups, probably around 85%.
  3. I found it rather odd that the survey only showed that 42% of Americans think minorities/LGBTs/immigrants face a lot of discrimination. No state, even Cal and New York, was over 50%.
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