Trump Endorses Clinton

When Donald Trump announces, probably sometime in late October, that he is endorsing Hilary Clinton, it will mark the greatest successful deployment of a Trojan Horse since Odysseus climbed into the belly of that original wooden equine. No one should be surprised.

The vessel for this deception is deception itself. It is a stunningly brilliant and modern twist on wily Odysseus’ idea of using a “gift” to breach Troy’s wall.

Long before Trump, the republican party had wrapped itself in lies, from the serious, for instance the idea that supply-side economics could actually work, to the ridiculous like Obama being born in Kenya. It was a party of lies, the most cruel of which, the idea that it actually represented working people’s interests, was beginning to wear thin.

Trump saw this, as had about 250 million other people.

The problem in dealing with lies and liars is that truth loses its meaning and everyone becomes suspect. Pointing out the hypocrisies of the republican party just opens a politician up for scrutiny, and politicians being what they are and none of them pure, all of them become suspect and liars. Exhibit one, Hillary Clinton.

This is not to say that some politicians aren’t better than others, but no one is perfectly honest which is why it is important for civilizations to cultivate a culture of honesty, since this artifice, like a rose or apple growing in manure, smells and tastes better than dirt.

But the republican party, ironically the “conservative party” the one supposedly responsible for maintaining traditional values, did away with civilized conventions and decided to become the party of lying.

The brilliance of Donald Trump is not that he saw what the republican party had become, but the artistic way he has used their lying culture against them.

First, by telling the biggest lies — Mexicans are rapists — he moved himself to the top of the lying party. Then, by telling a few obvious but inconvenient truths which no one in the republican party wanted to admit — George Bush didn’t keep us safe from terrorism and Planned Parenthood provides needed services to women — he established himself as a truth-teller on top of a party of liars. This last move implicitly called into question the honesty of anyone in the party who disagreed him. Right out of a magician’s textbook.

Like any playwright, as the first act closes Trump has already sown the seeds for the second act. As the party hierarchy panders and falls into line behind his outrageous proclamations, it becomes indisputably and irredeemably the party of racism and blatantly willing to risk the country’s security to maintain power. And the party foot soldiers, far from being in line with republican orthodoxy, are revealed to be against free trade, for social security, against more wars, for more jobs and indifferent to racism.

Trump has shattered the republican party by alienating Hispanics, mocking the party leaders, disagreeing with its most important policy points like free trade, embracing enemies like Putin, threatening to default on the debt, and now his wife has plagiarized not Barbara Bush but Michelle Obama.

The political genius of sneaking into the republican party and taking it over by cloaking himself in its lying culture is masterful. Many republicans, like Helen of Troy, knew it had to be a trick, but alas for them, the web they had woven was too strong. It doesn’t really matter whether Trump’s plan is intentional sabotage, or the product of complex co-evolution like the ophiocordyceps fungus that infects an ant and takes over the ant’s brain causing it to climb to a high spot and clamp onto a leaf before dying and sprouting a fungus stem from its head. He doesn’t care if he kills the party. He cares about Trump, which brings us to the endorsement.

Trump has said hateful — that’s not even a strong enough word — abominable things, things no person with respect for himself, history, his legacy, his country or his children would ever say or believe. And yet there is a way for him to magically absolve himself from all of these comments and place, over his orange pate, the crown of truth. It was all done to reveal what a group of self-serving, lying, dishonest, unpatriotic, racist, frauds inhabit the hierarchy of the republican party.

All hail the brilliant Trump. The court jester’s sentences never make sense. No one takes him seriously and that is his greatest strength. The barb of his wit is only revealed after the nervous laughter of those who pretended to get the joke changes into tears and jostling for the exit.

The third act will be short. He has already exposed the republican party, now he simply states the obvious. Sane people do not want to be ruled by politicians who would support the character he has played.

Did anyone ever think he really wanted to be president? When Trump endorses Hillary Clinton he will repay the favor she did him by attending his wedding. Yes, she is flawed, but the court jester always needs material for his next performance.