Regardless of the charges.. it was karmic justice who cuffed the wrists.. Justice may be blind but she gives advantage to collateral… and damage when she slams the dam gavel.. Cattle branded society milked for bran flakes of fake brains.

Claims of geopolitical maneuvers of dangerous foreign commanders is lies by proper planners, it’s propoganda, to scribe that memoranda… patriot Act vs amendments- Take one-!.. 🎥

“The only thing we have to fear, is MEDIA,,… in the minds of remedial readers cause the world leaders don’t want anymore world leaders.. they want sheep to flock to the Shepard.. stocked in the pharmacy at Eckerds..

Vehicles on lowjack… individuals on Prozac while the tax debt cuts no slack.. smoke stacks and mirrors but no plaques for perseverance… no earnings for determination as they exterminate a nation… welcome to the Amero-corporation of depression drugs but no hugs of love…

Aka BuGGed Out

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