The Futility of (Narrow) Speculation About Machines and Jobs
Adam Elkus

Best consider returning to 1500’s when Age of the sabot wooden clog invented the words Sabotage by Clogging machines with Wooden Shores. Review my archives:-

Interesting to me Star Treck 8,000 years later episode DVD 4 or 6 Referrs in 9522 to 1730–50 Sabot Age events.

Bernie Sanders ~ Sabot age returns to USA 2016

Truthdigger of the Week ~ By Alexander Reed Kelly

Truthdigger of the Week: Sen. Bernie Sanders (Video)


Every week the Truthdig editorial staff selects a Truthdigger of the Week, a group or person worthy of recognition for speaking truth to power, breaking the story or blowing the whistle. It is not a lifetime achievement award. Rather, we’re looking for newsmakers whose actions in a given week are worth celebrating.

I am not alone in my misgivings. A Gallup poll taken in late 2013 showed 70 percent of Americans lack faith in their government’s ability to tackle the problems that the country would be facing in 2014. Why shouldn’t they? The Obama administration and Congress as a whole

  1. have done nothing to restore meaningful, well-paying jobs lost to the banker-fueled crisis. Rob says absolutely no-body save me and a handful of deeper thinker practical men, will even suggest automation is sacking workers by the millions now.
  2. have failed to reverse the well-understood effects of industry’s assault on the environment, Rob says not industry assault at all (that’s rhetoric blaming “industry” a non-being, meaning richest industrialist investors) buying automation in lieu of new employees and fair wages share ~ they are the polluting source for :-
  3. Rivers and waterways and drinking water safety polluting at will & where no one sees,
  4. Seas that support fish & vegetable life the food of people being radiation poisoned and the like chemically.
  5. Polluting the Ozone and heating earth causing flood destruction of people, crops and our ice shelf.
  6. Causing shortage of fossil fuels, hence power, heating, light, vehicle transport cost hikes,
  7. In turn then FRACKING & PIPELINES further polluting destruction and un-affordable cost rise absorbing more GP.
  8. Pollution in the air we breathe creating high medicade and welfare payouts for fed & people.
  9. have failed to rescue homeowners ~Rob says all consequences of the causes above.
  10. have failed to motivate appropriate jobs for graduates . Rob says wasted education causing Bachelors of bartending & W/C Cleaning, tree cutters, scrubbers andn Garbos with science and entertainment Doctorates. Just what we needed.
  11. All promises, hopes & dreams lie motionless at the bottom of a pool of debt. Rob says which incrfeases all service & government costs that in turn take the GDP we need for the $5.6tr shortage of Infrastructuer ASCE says, and Wars $5tr we need for home defense and drug policing etc.
  12. Conversely, in 2013 the political ruled Supreme Court was busy codifying discrimination against minority voters. Rob says ok.
  13. SCOTUS merely watching as bureaucrats unconstitutionally collect billions of Americans’ phone calls and emails. Rob: of course none of the Political or governance Judiciary ever touch on automation causes, and the last sector the proletariat labor class haven’t the education to even read or know the precedent case proven 300 years lost memory of an effectiveness of the worker rebellion to industrial revolution for a time was un-industrial revolution displaced worker action of sabot-age when sabot/clogs were thrown into those machines thus clog-ing sabot-age un-industrial retaliation.

Bernie Sanders is the U.S. Senate’s only outspoken socialist. He has served the state of Vermont in Congress for more than 20 years, before which he was elected four times to the mayoralty of Burlington. He ran undefeated for every office he sought thereafter. His politics correspond to those that characterized the labor movement before Roosevelt’s New Deal rescued a suicidal American capitalism, and find their contemporary correlation in the policies that for decades have governed northern Europe’s social democracies. He holds that workers have the right to participate in the management of capitalism because, as Abraham Lincoln understood and expressed, all wealth originates with labor.

While societies that regulate capitalism least produce the richest people on earth, the massive deregulation pursued internationally over the last 30 years has confirmed that they also generate the highest percentages of people who live miserably. And it’s not just vast numbers of individuals who suffer. Limitless legions of the unborn stand to miss out on the paradise that could have been had a small portion of their forebears not succumbed to selfishness, and the rest, the inclination to cooperate with leaders who were too inconvenient to oppose.

Social democracies of the kind Sanders would help make of America if he had the necessary support are more humane and sensible than the alternatives. And because they allow for a limited practice of capitalism, which could never be got rid of completely without recourse to the kinds of tyrannies that tainted the idea of economic cooperation in the 20th century, they are presently more practical as an objective for Americans hoping to rescue their country and people beyond its borders from a gathering and intensifying hell.

Sanders and I spent 20 minutes discussing what we agreed was a primary obstacle to an escape from this hell: the private funding of political careers. He was visibly preoccupied upon entering the conference room that adjoins his office; as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, a bill he authored that would provide needed financial and other assistance to combat veterans was less than 24 hours away from a vote on the Senate floor, where legislation traditionally goes to die. His trademark brusqueness drove our conversation, and was suffused with the resignation to a task that is commonly seen in men who manage to carry into late life a fire that first ignited their spirits in youth.

A video excerpt and transcript of our exchange edited for clarity and flow immediately follows. For his commitment to the wellbeing of all his fellow Americans expressed therein, we honor Sen. Bernie Sanders as our Truthdigger of the Week.


Dear Steven,

Robert Reich as a (Presidential candidate offering) tells a good experienced story here and from the 11.4% unemployment quote and other info I have gleaned thatsayn 50% of population USA are unemployable kids, domestic wives, aged & infirmed etc 11.4% becomes 22.8% possibly, as % of total population and when he says about 2mn a year population increase, that gets to market after 18 years meaning 2mn new jobs a year are needed. 2mn divided by 12 months means they need 167,000 new jobs every month so they are currently winning to reduce the real total unemployment? considering even seasonal factors.

Cheers Rob Carter

PS: But as you say we cant value 310mn as 50% work eligible = 155mn and 20% unemployed as that means 31mn Underemployed. I agree then that sounds a bit unrealistic. It would mean they need at least 2mn new jobs a month needed. I guess my figures are just wrong somehow.

But even their 200,000 ne jobs a month for 2.4mn a year barely covers new workforce entries and does nothing for thei claimed 7% unemployed as a multiple of the 150mn stated workforce norm which means 10mn jobs needed and divide by 12 is 800,000 jobs to take for automated jobloss recovery, definately needs the Sabot sabotage by clogs clogging machines VIZ.,

A sabot is a clog from France or surrounding countries such as Belgium. Sabots are whole feet clogs.

Sabots were in the 16th to 19th centuries, associated with the lower classes. During this period, the years of the Industrial Revolution, the word sabotage gained currency. Allegedly derived from sabot, sabotage described the actions of disgruntled workers who willfully damaged workplace machinery by throwing their sabots into the works. However, according to some accounts, sabot-clad workers were simply considered less productive than others who had switched to leather shoes, roughly equating the term “sabotage” with “inefficiency”

Cheers Rob

The Jobs Report and the Supreme Court’s ‘McCutcheon’ Debacle.

By Robert Reich, Robert Reich’s Blog ~ 05 April 14

What does the Supreme Court’s “McCutcheon” decision this week have to do with today’s jobs report, showing 192,000 new jobs for March?

Connect the dots. More than five years after Wall Street’s near meltdown the number of full-time workers is still less than it was in December 2007, yet the working-age population of the U.S. has increased by 13 million since then.

This explains why so many people are still getting nowhere. Unemployment among those 18 to 29 is 11.4 percent, nearly double the national rate.

Most companies continue to shed workers, cut wages, and horde their cash because they don’t have enough customers to warrant expansion. Why? The vast middle class and poor don’t have enough purchasing power, as 95 percent of the economy’s gains go to the top 1 percent.

That’s why we need to (1) cut taxes on average people (say, exempting the first $15,000 of income from Social Security taxes and making up the shortfall by taking the cap off income subject to it), (2) raise the minimum wage, (3) create jobs by repairing roads, bridges, ports, and much of the rest of our crumbling infrastructure, (4) add teachers and teacher’s aides to now over-crowded classrooms, and (5) create “green” jobs and a new WPA for the long-term unemployed.

And pay for much of this by raising taxes on the top, closing tax loopholes for the rich, and ending corporate welfare.

But none of this can be done because some wealthy people and big corporations have a strangle-hold on our politics. “McCutcheon” makes that strangle-hold even tighter.

Connect the dots and you see how the big-money takeover of our democracy has lead to an economy that’s barely functioning for most Americans.