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In Texas’ defense, the judge has three Hispanic names so it’s just natural to assume she implicitly disqualified herself due to her heritage and therefore was only speaking as a biased Mexican sympathizer and not an actual judge. I learned that at the Trump University School of Law. Only cost me one million dollars to graduate and I didn’t even attend class. Cheap!

Seriously though, Texas Republicans wouldn’t need to do this if they weren’t fully aware of which way the wind blows in this state. People knock Texas all the time, but we’ll be a purple state before you know it.

And the sad truth is that the people we elect to office are much fringier than any of the Republicans I know. Problem is they just don’t hear about how crazy they are, and even when we tell them, they refuse to believe because it’s just so crazy. They’re fed a steady diet of hate towards liberals and never hear the other side of the story. But demographic shifts are inevitable, so it’s just a matter of time before things become competitive again.

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