“ So should we also not quote the police’s version of the story, since they too have a strong…
Paul Frantizek

Ok, here’s the thing: Americans aren’t as dumb as you think. When people see that the family’s lawyer is saying something, they know it’s his version and not necessarily the absolute truth.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen time and again when journalists and the general public cite the police version as the official version, and continue to believe it’s true even after they’ve seen the video that proves that the cops and city completely lied about what happened even after they saw the video they didn’t want released to the public. So I fail to see why you think journalists should treat the family’s lawyer differently than anyone else.

Now, if your point is that journalists should alert everyone that ALL sides to EVERY story might be biased for a specific outcome, say so. I don’t think that’s necessary, but it’d at least be fair. But for you to single out the family lawyers as if they’re the only ones with motives to spin the truth makes you sound just like the people who think the police are infallible truth-tellers, no matter how many times we later learn they’re fully capable of lying to save themselves.

And for the record, cops are not authorized to use force in every circumstance. They’re allowed to do so when necessary, but merely being scared and making wrong assumptions about someone based upon how scary they look is NOT the proper time to use force. And of course, civilians are allowed to use force in self-defense too, so I’m not sure what standard you think I’m wanting here. But killing someone because they look scary isn’t self-defense, no matter how scared you are.

And just to be clear, if a criminal isn’t a threat, cops aren’t allowed to shoot them even if they’re running away. It happens, due to our biased system that gives police the authority to do almost anything they want, but it’s not legal. As it turns out, cops are required to follow the same laws as the rest of us. Yes, they have some leeway, but they’re absolutely not allowed to kill people just for being scary or black; as we’ve seen time and again. That’s why they lie about it to the public.

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