The habit of quoting the family’s attorney in these cases as some voice of authority is…
Paul Frantizek

So should we also not quote the police’s version of the story, since they too have a strong self-interest in spinning the story, including a financial incentive to avoid said legal settlements? In fact, many cases show that the lawyers to the family have a more accurate telling of the story, while the police often invent things that never happened to justify their actions and lie about it once the videos are exposed.

And of course, that’s why we need the family lawyers to step up, so we can hear the other side of the story. But as it is, too many people accept the police version of the truth, to the point of disbelieving their lying eyes once the video shows that the official version was false.

And overall, none of this will change until we start treating cops like the human beings they are. Humans are fallible and tell lies to coverup their misdeeds. When cops make mistakes and kill innocent people, we excuse their actions based on the understanding that humans make mistakes. But then we still act like they’re gods who should be trusted implicitly, even when video evidence shows why they can’t all be trusted.

But cops should be held to the same standards as everyone else, not lower standards. And if a misdeed would get a civilian arrested or charged with lying to police, the same should happen to cops. No one is above the law, especially the people hired to enforce it.

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