Obama went to Hawaii many many times.
Gregory Craig

Well Gregory, nobody is saying that these three trips cost more than all of Obama’s spending in eight years. But if you bothered reading the headline, you’d see they compared Trump’s spending in three weeks with what Obama spent in one year.

And if you bothered learning anything about this, you’d know why: Because like all other presidents, Obama vacationed in private residences that were easy to protect. Trump stays at his for-profit club that’s very difficult to protect. So he’s profiting off all this, while we’re footing the bill.

And in case you didn’t know, we also pay Secret Service to protect his adult children as they gallivant all over the globe doing business deals. So again, they’re profiting and we’re paying for it.

So you were outraged because Obama vacationed far less than many previous presidents, including Bush and Reagan. While you give Trump a pass even though he’s on track to spend far more than Obama. And this doesn’t surprise me in the least.

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