I think as someone else has said, this is getting blown way out of proportion.
Sean Kaye

I’ve been in this business for 7 years and have found my videos almost everywhere (including Youtube and Vimeo). Typically I just send an email and it’s dealt with. Like most other people you’re reading my post as if I’m ranting about piracy of my videos — which I’m not.

With that said though, basically calling them out as somehow sneakily reaping the benefits of piracy as though it’s somehow part of their business model is way over the top.

There’s no “sneaking” here dude. They have ZERO control over pirated content. There’s nothing that stops me from stealing your work and reselling it on Udemy until you complain.

I make money off of your work, they make money off of your work and take it down when complaints come in with a shrug of “checking this stuff is hard”.

This is a scam, friend. It’s absolutely part of their business model because they have thought about it and have actively decided to do nothing until someone complains.

YouTube has a very aggressive anti-copyright check in place — it’s not perfect but it’s a reasonable effort. That’s all I ask — which in my case amounts to “hey that’s a Pluralsight watermark on that video”.

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