Day 1 — Twelve Days of Christmas


Molly, Emma, Mackenzie, Amira and Mackenzie — Cool Beans Coffee Shop

Today I thank God for these five young ladies and their work planning for and staffing the Cool Beans coffee shop for the past 2.5 years. They have been generous with their time in service to those less fortunate and it has made a difference.

The support of faculty, staff and students has made it all possible. The effort to raise support for children in Uganda have been blessed. By doing nothing more than buying a $2 hot drink and a $1 donut from time to time, Cool Beans has made a profit of $2,500 to share with Rev. Charles Bameka for the children at Christ Community Lutheran School in Kawete, Uganda.

How far does $2,500 go in Uganda? A long ways. A vitamin packed rice meal costs about $.20. So $2,500 is roughly equal to 12,500 school lunch meals at Christ Community Lutheran School in Kawete, Uganda. 8th grade graduates receive a goat as a graduation business plan. A goat costs roughly $25. So, in terms of goats, $2,500, has a value of 100 goats for 100 graduates. Goats give milk. Goats produce more goats so that the kids can be sold at market. And as their life cycle ends, goats provide meat for the family. Receiving a graduation goat is a big deal.

Thanks for your support of Cool Beans. Thanks ladies for your service to others, and, for creating an enjoyable morning experience for students. On Concordia!

Rob Cooksey; Head of Schools