Day 7 — The Twelve Days of Christmas

Creative-Interactive-collaborative Learning

Concordia First Graders “Down Under”

Creative content delivery, especially when interactive in nature, has big benefits. It is an integral part of social emotional learning. The Mendez Foundation reports that “Learning is an intrinsically social & interactive process. It takes place in collaboration with one’s teachers, in the company of one’s peers, and with the support of one’s family.”

Concordia is full of creative-collaborative-Interactive learning opportunities! They are value added. They energize the learner. They add benefit beyond academic gains.

The pictures in this post come from Mrs. Schoening’s 1st grade classroom. While experiencing single digit temperatures in Omaha, students learned about Christmas in Australia. While the weather outside may have been frightful, learning about Christmas in Australia where it is sunny was fun and engaging! Students dressed appropriately for winter down under while learning all about the Outback. They even made a “suitcase” for all of their essentials!

Interactive social and emotional learning helps children internalize the skills they will carry with them through life.

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