To Accomplish Great Things…

I started my morning by reading a quote that got my juices flowing.

Layered in this quote are a few great takeaways to think about.

  1. To accomplish great things — Are you setting your goals high enough that you’d consider them great? If not, why not? We all have greatness in us. Live a life of greatness. You owe it to yourself.
  2. We must not only act, but also dream — The only way to make great things happen is by being a doer. Putting in the work. One step at a time. Making sure that today is better than yesterday. And never stop dreaming and striving to reach new heights. Working on my dream is what gets me excited to wake up every morning and seize the day.
  3. Not only plan — You wouldn’t drive from Chicago to New York city without a map because you’d likely get lost and it would take longer. Plus, the chances of giving up and going back home are much greater if you are wandering around without a plan. The same holds true for accomplishing great things. You need to have a road map for how you are going to do it. When you have that in place you accomplish your goals quicker and with more confidence, and each step of the way you know you are that much closer to making it happen.
  4. But also believe — Having an unwavering belief that you can and will accomplish your dreams is key. It’s why I tattooed “Believe” on my left forearm. It’s a constant reminder to believe in myself and that I can make my dreams come true. Being great isn’t easy, but if you truly believe you can make it happen then you will.

Have an awesome week.

- Rob Cressy

P.S. Check out this awesome gallery of street art & graffiti I captured at Wynwood Walls in Miami for a quick dose of creative inspiration

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