We Need To Impeach A Bunch Of Dudes

Rob Cornelius
Jun 15, 2018 · 4 min read

To: WV Republican Party Leadership, Elected Officials, Concerned Media

Re: Restoring Trust & Dignity To State Government


Every day’s reporting from the State Capitol is more humiliating than the last.

Not just to Republicans, but to all West Virginians who still care about this place. Not since the non-stop scandal season of 1988–89 have we seen anything like this on the horizon.

Depending on whom is reporting, we have as many as three Supreme Court justices under the shadow of investigation, subpoena, indictment, impeachment or all four.

Our media has done, for once, a fantastic job revealing the apparent misdeeds of those elected from both Parties to our highest Court.

Folks from both Parties are calling for impeachments. They are likely justified.

But the most necessary impeachment lies in our Executive Branch. This blooming RISE Flood Relief scandal has finally put substance to the underlying feeling that Jim Justice simply refuses to do the job as Governor.

The signs have been clear from well before Inauguration Day for Justice.

We knew he and his family’s companies were deadbeats who failed to pay millions to creditors.

We knew that his family coal companies had been frequently sued for failing to pay actual coal miners and bouncing paychecks. We knew that he was personally liable for failing to pay millions in employee withholding and property taxes in multiple states.

Still, both Democrats and Republicans fell for this liar on the advice of Joe Manchin and many of the same Democrats now calling for his impeachment today. Few are truly blameless in their acceptance of this pox on both our houses.

The damage he does the state’s reputation daily is substantial.

But his lack of action or attention in dealing with the 2016 Flood statewide is the negligence that proves he should be removed as soon as possible.

Quite simply, hundreds of millions in Federal aid sat unused because the Justice administration made no attempt to help thousands of victims in a timely way.

Why? Jim Justice is an absentee governor. In violation of our State Constitution, Justice refuses to live in Charleston and the Governor’s Mansion. More important, he flat-out refuses to come work. As of May 31st, 2018, inspection of public records, photos and media reports could only verify him coming to work 24 days in those first 22 weeks of the year.

No one who comes to work one day a week can be taken seriously to rule. He is either lazy, irresponsible, or medically unable to do the job.

While voters regrettably chose him in 2016, they did not elect the liberal gun-grabber he leaves in charge most days, failed talk show host Bray Cary.

We deserve a full-time leader to ensure West Virginia reaches her potential.

The news will get worse. The lies and the cover-up of this flood scandal, run by Cary, flow out every day, despite their attempts to stop FOIAs and outside investigations. More scandals are coming. Some purposeful, some from plain incompetence.

Instead of seeking the help of other elected offices with investigative powers, Cary & Justice hired outside lawyers and hid that something was wrong with tens of millions of relief dollars.

Many courageous public employees are reporting wrongdoing, to media and the proper authorities.

While Justice whines daily in press releases and on Twitter, flood victims still sit without homes two full years later.

That’s no accident. That’s negligence and mismanagement by Jim Justice and his hapless crew.

What can we do? Plenty.

Call your Legislator and ask if they stand with Governor Justice.

If you are a Legislator, your vote for impeachment is needed in the House. Period. Start the process. Democrats and Republicans are both humiliated daily by this administration and its failures.

Challenge the Governor’s improper residency via a mandamus action. Ask a circuit court to implore him to follow the State Constitution and its instruction in Article VII that the Governor “shall reside at the seat of government………..”

Ask the Attorney General for a legal opinion as to the Governor’s residency, or lack thereof.

Contact the new United States Attorney, Southern District, Mike Stuart, and ask him to investigate the unpaid 941 liens by Justice companies, primarily in Kanawha, Raleigh and Logan Counties. Media have reported on these extensively.

While some have been unpaid for literally years, most mere mortals can’t avoid criminal charges for similar matters for more than about six months. These are the most noxious non-payments, where actual monies deducted from employee checks were allegedly not paid to the IRS. That’s serious.

Every day Justice remains in office puts at risk not only our state government and economy, but the narrative of our real economic Comeback Story under President Trump.

Justice lied to Democrats to get elected, and lied about being Republican to get us off his back.

Remember when he wouldn’t answer hard questions about babies, or gun rights or Israel?

Remember all the times he lied about paying his taxes?

For once this isn’t about Party. It’s about making West Virginia great.

That starts with removing the dishonest and corrupt Justice administration.

Funerals end today.

Rob Cornelius

Chairman-Wood County Republican Party

Parkersburg, West Virginia

Rob Cornelius

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