#JUSTSTART: help of friend

just a human
Edhi sb was a great person of that age,he always think about the goodness and the welfare of the man kind by working hard and without any benifites for his self.He follows #juststart,#amal,#khudi,#kam kam or kam and # aik aur aik giara concept to reach on that stage.He starts from zero by giving one paisa each day,in childhood he was dropped from school that time he helps a needy person and take care of his self he realize that doing help of other is better for being selfish.Therefore he make a goal to help man kind on large scale and start from blue old van.My goal is also similar to some part with Edhi sb,i also want to help and support someone who played a important role to make me a good person to some limit.Name of that person is HASSAN,my closed and best friend.
Task;;;This is mine one of the important task of life and also a goal of my life.I have done this task about a month ago now i will mention it here.i have a friend like my brother he always help me and prove sicere in every moment and also help me to survive from many hard condition where i want to quite.He has no his own house,he has also a sister which and he is twins and they only children of theirs parents.Once he told me that my mother dream to have their own house and decorate it.On that time i feel something in his eyes and fro that day i made comitment with my self that i will help him to fullfil his mother dream to feel that happiness which we saw at sunday session in movie persuit of happyness when he got job.Therefore i think day after day almost 5 day and sleep late due to thinking that how can we acheive that goal.If he do job it will be difficult for him to buy his own house in short time.Then i pray to good for right way and ALLAH PAk always helps and a way is open.I will go for my own business instead doing job because i think IN SHA ALLAH i will be good in business and after establishing good base of business i will call him to join me as a partner.
Task ; to convince parents for business My this task is relate to the before one.After planning and thinking i have to convince my parents that i am going to quite my field and want to go for business.That is tough for me to dicuss with my parents.At last one day i make strength to say all clearlly.Then that time i follow #juststart concept and say it they shocked why i am talking about business is every thing is good in uni or he expeled from uni.After many arguments i will become able to convince them 3 idiot movie also help me and give me a idea that how to touch the soft or week points of parents,,,,thats all…………..it was very bored
when i convince my father
It was a big challenge for me to convince my parents but i think if i do not take step today by following#juststart principle do it it is a correct time to finish this task so say it and convince them.