A Lesson About Gratitude

On this snowy December morning I am consumed with gratitude. Gratitude for how far I’ve come in my life. For 4 years I had the desire to live in Denver, CO, and now here I Am. Not only do I live here but also I’m living my dream. Doing good work for an awesome organization that aligns with my values as a person. Life is really good.

I can remember how when I announced my relocation back in March, people in the Southeast where I lived joked with me about Colorado winters and how cold it gets. For sure this type of weather is something different from what I’m used to, but it’s worth it.

One thing that I have to remember, is that even though I have achieved a lot of my goals and life is working out better than I imagined, I must always express my gratitude, and I must always remember to do things that make me feel alive.

The thing about the mind is that it easily settles into a new reality and forgets the struggles of the past. That’s why the life of the majority of lottery winners is worse than it was before winning the money.

My focus is to live each day doing things that add value to my life. And understand that not everyday is going to look the same. It’s not about perfection. It’s about living.