A Lesson About Recognizing Progress

Sometime we allow setbacks to dictate our reality and what we can accomplish in the future. I’ve always enjoyed running. One of my goals for myself is to become a long distance trail runner.

From April to October I was running consistently and increasing my running distance each week. Unfortunately, in mid October, a nagging hamstring injury that I suffered back in September finally took its toll on me and caused me to take a break from both running and cycling.

Instead of letting the injury sideline me completely I started spending more time doing much needed strength training and yoga. After about a month of maintaining this regimen, combined with my own rehabilitation, I slowly began cycling again.

Today I achieved a new milestone and finally went out for a run again, after nearly two months off, and it felt great.

It may be a while before I run any significant distance, but that’s okay. You see; it doesn’t matter how far I run. What matters is that I am able to run without pain.

Far too often we allow ourselves to become discouraged when we can’t meet whatever expectations we set for ourselves. Sometimes it’s important to recognize the progress we’ve made and be grateful for how far we’ve come.

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