A Quick Thought About Work-life Integration

While sitting on the couch giving myself some much needed rest, I spent my afternoon binge watching the HBO original series, Newsroom. I found myself amazed by how committed the characters were to the success of the nightly news show. They would often work until late in the night and then return to work early the next morning. I realize that it is only a show, but I was touched by the level of commitment people had. That commitment came from being a part of something larger than self.

I want to have that level of commitment to my work. And I believe it’s entirely possible. I wonder how many people feel this way about their work.

Throughout my career I’ve always drawn a clear line between my work and my personal life. When I would leave work for the day, I wouldn’t dare think about looking at a single email. And you could forget about me lifting a finger towards work on the weekends. The weekends were my time.

The separation always felt appropriate. On some level, perhaps I was correct. My previous career was always stressful and the days were long. But now I am questioning that philosophy.

My career today is far different from what it was two years ago. The work I am doing goes far beyond profits and losses. My work is all about creating value and maximizing impact. These are things that are bigger than me.

Today I feel inspired to adopt a philosophy of work-life integration instead of work-life balance. I am fortunate to be in a career where I no longer have to separate it from the rest of my life. For the first time, there is clear alignment between my career and my personal values. It is past time that I begin to blend the two together.

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