Are You Working Hard Enough?

Sometimes you just have to do the work. It’s far too easy to play the victim and make excuses for why you’re not accomplishing your goals. It’s hard work that many of us take for granted. It’s hard work that drives us to create value that’s sustainable.

A few months ago I set out to make improvements in my health and fitness. This led to me purchasing a gym membership and hiring a personal trainer. The goal is to achieve a specific body fat percentage by the end of March.

Achieving this goal is no easy feat. It involves working hard and staying consistent with my diet and exercise. Twice a month, my trainer measures my progress by checking my body fat percentage and weight. I also email him each week my food and liquid consumptions, as well as my workout summary. This keeps me accountable and tells him where I need to make adjustment in my routine.

Early in my training, I used to make excuses for myself. I would demonize my trainer and complain that he wasn’t a good fit for me. In reality, I just wasn’t working hard enough.

It’s up to me to show up and do the work. No one else is responsible for the outcome of my goals. My trainer is there to offer support and advice along the way, but I am the one who has to be disciplined in my diet and make sure I’m putting in maximum effort in each workout.

Working hard isn’t just reserved for exercise. It applies to other areas as well. Whether you have goals you would like to achieve in your relationship, finances, or career; you have to work hard to achieve them. It’s that simple. Get to work.

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