So what do you do?

The most common question I’m asked when I meet someone new is “What do you do?” I personally don’t love it. For a lot of people it’s such a difficult question to answer. Why does it matter what I do? Do we really want to get to know each other or are we just making conversation?

I think a better question to ask is “What are you excited about?” The answer to this question tells you so much more about a person.

Last Friday I got to connect with some folks I don’t normally hangout with. One of the guys in the group was really quiet and seemed somewhat disengaged. When I asked him what he was excited about, I learned that he was really passionate about gardening and that most of his time away from work is spent working in his garden. He sees himself as Gardener who earns income as an RN. I probably would have never learned this about him had I never asked that simple question.

Let’s start a movement where we no longer ask people “what they do”. Let’s go deeper than that, and show a deeper interest in discovering who people are. Let’s find out what people are excited about.

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