Taking Responsibility For Our Relationships

I’ve been doing some guided meditation over the past several days on relationships. The focus at the moment has been around kindness towards others. The meditation itself involves visualizing a tiny light at the center of my chest that expands in every direction. This light represents kindness. I also visualize seeing the same light in close friends and seeing them filled with happiness while we spend time with one another.

I’ve heard it said that what you focus on is what you get, so I’m not surprised that yesterday I was presented with new “food for thought” around relationships. I was asked to think about how who I am and how the way I show up, is impacting how other people show up in my life. Essentially, people mirror my actions towards them. This was tough for me to digest.

If this is true than that means that I have the power to control how others act around me. It makes me think about the law of attraction and it causes me to really consider the type of vibe I’m giving off to other people.

I think back to times when I’ve gone to networking events and felt completely uncomfortable. I would leave feeling like the people sucked and were unfriendly and had no interest in talking to me. But when I take a deeper look and think about my mindset at the time, I see that I was dreading going to the event and that I was feeling insecure and not enough. My mindset essentially created the behavior in other people. I was likely giving off this weird don’t talk to me vibe — instead of an interesting, engaged, and approachable vibe.

I guess the lesson learned here is to be mindful about how you show up. Don’t let your actions and your mindset create the wrong relationships and environment for you. We have the power to create our own universe. Truly everything we need to create the life we want is already inside of us. All we have to do is look inward and take responsibilty for how we show up.