Amazon S3 East

We work in Software and Software Accessories. (Oh, it’s down).

This is a short musing

There’s constantly the balance between performance and hosting in the cloud. Amazon Web Services is the go-to for stability.

Well, except for today.

I’m riding the marketing fire hose today. Blasting out emails to concerned clients and playing social media pinata.

In case you aren’t aware, many of your sites and services are down.

This is what happens when:

  1. Half the internet relies on one central server and hosting platform. (When we all load on the same region)
  2. Software becomes cloud based.

The cloud, remember, doesn’t exist. It’s just servers that host data. It’s ephemeral. If you backup all of your files to an external drive… what happens to that data if you misplace your drive. Well, I’m sure it exists, but you can’t access it. This renders that drive useless.

Interestingly, I can’t use search on Windows 10. Is Cortana hosted on AWS or is Windows just broken? ;^)

This may or may not turn out to be a DDOS. Who cares. But this is the largest outage in Amazon history. These sorts of things are occurring more often. It’s interesting.

What happens when all of your things — that are connected to the internet, that run your home, fail? What of your deadlines you need to meet — but all of your files and software is only available online? Even as I speak, I’m unable to upload images to Medium.

How will we solve for this in the future?

Excuse me, I have to get back to work and send out service alerts to my users.

Check your promotional inbox— odds are I sent it.

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