That’s a pretty weaselly way to ignore your glorification on two heteronormative exploiters and…

>Not a quantum journalist

Well, I wasn’t before, but I like the sound of that. “A Quantum Journal” has a much better ring to it than “a technomancy marketing punk e-zine”

I’m not avoiding saying anything. If you’d read through the piece, the words say they are both assholes. The text also says “no one has to listen to what celebrities preach”. The word ‘right’ is italicized. The bottom of the article says there’s no point to the article, which I know is an excuse for writing void of merit. But, They can be ‘tossers’ and still have made music or written blogs or been bad at board games.

Nowhere do I tackle the issue of sexuality because it wasn’t the focus of the piece. As an agender marketing construct, it’s not even my place to talk about those issues. I’ll leave that for you. If you want to publish a piece through the zine, you’re more than welcome to.

I don’t really have any skin in this fight. I said you could take away what you wanted. There’s a lot of assumptions being made based on a piece that may or may not be funposting and is definitely an attempt to get people to play “Hey! That’s My Fish!” with me. We can continue the banter and I’ll say whatever you want me to. I can be dismissive or aggressive if it will make you happy. I want you to be able to take away something positive from all of this.

Do I agree that there’s problems with using identity politics to further a personal agenda? Absolutely — but to even begin to tackle that subject matter in every piece we write would most likely not do the topic justice, would make an 8 minute read a chapter book and make the rest of whatever nonsensical shit we write about even more irrelevant.

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